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Commercial Services
The services provided include:
Jetless Cleaning Technology cleans FASTER, BETTER and leaves the carpet 6 times drier than the same carpet cleaning with a scrub wand.
On a typical 1,200 Sq. Ft. unit, the Rotary DryMaster® will leave about 1˝ gallons vs. over 9 ˝ gallons when using the traditional wand.
RDM glides over the carpet completing 360 Cleaning passes per minute verses 4 to 5 with a wand.
Leaves no sticky or dirt attracting residue so carpet stays cleaner longer.
The DryMaster does all the work – Technicians do not tire as they do from dragging a wand. Tiring results in the reduction of service quality during long jobs.
Refreshes carpet fibers, so carpets look better and wear longer.
American Carpet Cleaning offers the dedication of an independent company that is locally owned and operated without the rules and regulations of a franchise.
American Carpet Cleaning is able to draw from all advances in technology and cleaning solutions worldwide and implement part or all immediately.
American Carpet Cleaning pledges to provide well trained and highly skilled carpet and fiber experts for your premises. These English speaking technicians will be supervised at all times. Each supervisor will report to his or her Operations Officer who will report directly to the CEO of American Carpet Cleaning who will be monitoring every aspect of every project.
We at American Carpet Cleaning are not only confident that we can meet your exacting requirements, but believe we will exceed your expectations. Please contact us today to speak to our professional managers and representatives.  

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Carpet Cleaning Service | Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning in Beverly Hills
Carpet Cleaning Service | Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Cleaning in Beverly Hills

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