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Pets are wonderful, of that there can be no doubt! They have even been called man’s best friend. But you know how it goes ... The minute you turn your back, your dog or cat decides that your new carpet in your Beverly Hills, CA home or Century City, CA office is the perfect place to relieve itself. You clean and clean, but you can't get rid of that horrible cat odor and those ugly pet urine stains from your carpet in your Santa Monica, CA office building or home in Bel-Air, CA. Don't worry, when your best friend has a little accident in your Brentwood, CA home or Malibu, CA compound, call American Carpet Cleaning, the best pet urine smell remover.

You’re going to want to see American Carpet Cleaning at your Pacific Palisades, CA front door because we clean dog and cat urine problems at the best pet urine odor prices and using the best cat urine odor removal equipment. We’ll get your house smelling like new, and you’re going to want that because your expansive Los Angeles property is perfect for entertaining, but who wants to enter a house that smells like a zoo? American Carpet Cleaning will save you embarrassment by effectively cleaning that dog or cat urine smell in carpet. Then, if you want to sell your home, it will smell fresh and not scare away any prospective buyers.

Another reason you’re wanting American Carpet Cleaning to remove odor from carpet: Installed carpeting has many surfaces that can be affected. Not only is the top of the untreated carpet contaminated, but often times the backing, padding, and sub-surfaces must be decontaminated or replaced. Another concern with dog or cat urine is that the acid in the dog or cat urine may permanently change the carpet’s dye structure.

So, if you have cat urine problems -- or even skunk odor that needs removal -- American Carpet Cleaning does it, and we guarantee to remove pet odor on recommended service.

Deodorizing Services
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Deodorizing Services

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