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Many of our Beverly Hills CA and Bel Air CA customers own hardwood flooring. They know that hardwood floors add value to their homes. Hardwood floor refinishing is the best method of increasing not just the home’s value but also its esthetic beauty. Friends travel from Brentwood CA or Santa Monica CA to Beverly Hills CA and are awed by the hardwood flooring they see. Hardwood flooring is the sole flooring that can last for generations. Many Beverly Hills CA houses have hardwood flooring under the carpeting!

Naturally, you want someone who won't ruin that special hardwood floor, someone who is professional, knowledgeable and knows the way around sanders and stains. You want American Carpet Cleaning. 

American Carpet Cleaning is more than just cleaning carpets. We offer the best hardwood floor refinishing at the best hardwood floor refinishing prices. Our professionals arrive at your Century City CA property or Malibu CA estate armed with all of the different sanders that could be used on your hardwood floor. It doesn't matter if your hardwood flooring is oak or maple, parquet, redwod or pine. The hardwood floor in your Pacific Palisades CA palace is in good shape -- well, actually, it's in better shape now because we give your hardwood flooring the once-over before starting work. We'll see if there are nails in the hardwood flooring or if pets have left scratch marks on the hardwood floor. We'll ask you when was the last time you had your hardwood floor refinishing completed (we recommend every 12-18 months). We'll spot trouble areas that need repair. Then we set about our tasks. We'll proffer the correct sander, and we won't oversand like a nonprofessional would, thereby ruining your hardwood floor. We'll clean up the accumulated sawdust, use the water-based or oil-based polyurethane sealer; and we'll do it at the best hardwood floor refinishing prices. When we're finished, that hardwood floor will have that restored look.


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